DART underground completed in Malmo, under budget and ahead of schedule

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Irish rail users will be interested to note that the Malmo rail tunnel in Sweden has opened last month. This project is very similar to the proposed Dart underground scheme currently being designed for Dublin.

Map of Malmo rail tunnel and adjacent lines

The new Malmo rail tunnel runs below the city centre for 6 km and is part of a new 17km section of track which transforms Malmo Central Station from a terminus to a through station. Just to explain, a terminus station is a type of train station which has very poor capacity. The arriving trains have to stop and reverse out of the station, with the driver having to walk the length of the train to start the next journey, as compared with a through station where the trains simply stop to let passengers on and off and then continue on their way. By changing Malmo Central to a through station Read more “DART underground completed in Malmo, under budget and ahead of schedule”

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