A machine that lays an instant brick paved road!

By The Helpful Engineer / On / In Infrastructure

A friend e-mailed me pictures of this amazing machine that is used in Holland to speed up the laying of brick paved roads. It is an impressive machine and a sensible idea. The manufacturers say that it can lay more paved road per worker than the traditional method, while reducing the amount of back braking work involved. They estimate it will lay 300 square meters of paved road a day. The machine is called the ‘Tiger Stone’ and it is a good example of someone ‘thinking outside the box’. The machine works by operatives taking bricks from a trough on top of the machine and positioning the bricks into the selected pattern at the top of a sloped plate. As the machine moves forward along the prepared sub-base, the bricks slide into their final position by gravity. I presume the gaps Read more “A machine that lays an instant brick paved road!”

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