Snap, said my car engines timing belt

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Unfortunately, the timing belt in my car has failed. I was driving quite fast in the outside lane of a three lane motorway (the M50) when it happened. The engine simply stopped and the car immediately slowed down to a halt, but luckily I had enough time to indicate, change lanes and move on to the hard shoulder. There was no bang or loud noise when it happened, the engine just stopped working. The computer display in the car simply stated ‘check fuel injectors’, so I wasn’t sure it was the timing belt at first. But I suspected it as the belt was due to be changed. I had the car booked in to have it changed the following week. The tow truck took my car to the nearest garage where they confirmed that the timing belt failed; this surprised me a little as I thought that when a timing belt broke you would hear a loud bang, but not always as it turns out.

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