Hot, cold or both? A country’s need for heating and cooling

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Which country requires the most energy to heat it or cool it? It was interesting to review the separate interactive world maps in for the heating and cooling requirements for climates of various countries. The requirements of the various countries climates were measured as the number of degree days above or below 18 degree Celsius. Click here to see the heating chart and here to see the cooling chart. As you may have guessed countries located in extreme Northern latitudes dominate for having climates that require most heating to achieve comfortable temperature levels.  Whereas Countries located close to the equator have climates which require the most cooling to achieve comfortable temperature levels.

I thought it would be interesting to combine these heating and cooling figures together, so that it would be possible to compare countries for their total energy requirements to achieve comfortable temperatures all year round. I selected 32 Countries from around the world , while including the extreme cases, and the results are listed below.

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