On the road: Playing chicken with sheep

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Who will blink first?

The Curragh plains are in the East of Ireland, in County Kildare. It is a lovely area of flat open grass land, (approx. 20 square km), most of which is common land. As the land is open grazing, visitors driving across the Curragh have to be careful not to hit any of the livestock which can wander on the roads. But as the landscape is open and flat the sheep are easy to see and can generally be avoided with ease. Straight forward enough you would have thought.

Well not so fast, there is also the danger of sheep leaving the Curragh and strolling down the many access roads, most of which are narrow, twisty and surrounded by ditches which block visibility. To combat this cattle grids have been installed on all access routes into the Curragh, while fences enclose the railway and motorway which cross the Curragh. Accommodation bridges and tunnels have been provided to allow sheep and horses to cross these barriers safely.

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