Lunch Time: My favourite sandwich

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In common with many other workers, most engineers work a high pressure job with tight deadlines. Problems have to be solved quickly and meetings can run over time. As a result it’s becoming more common to have a quick sandwich at the desk instead of a nice relaxed lunch break in the local pub or restaurant.


But there is a world of difference between the sandwiches available. My favourite sandwich of all time is the common French snack available over there, and usually sold under the name, ‘Americano Baguette’. I don’t know why its called the Americano, but I have had this a few times in France and it is divine. No other sandwich comes close. Making it yourself is not quite as nice, as nothing can compare to French bread that is actually made in France, but it still makes for a really nice lunch.


  1. Bread, a French baguette if possible, but otherwise whatever is to hand
  2. Butter
  3. French Mustard, Dijon
  4. Mayonnaise (real and full fat)
  5. Hard boiled egg, allow to cool and slice
  6. Sliced pickled gherkins
  7. Lettuce/ rocket, which ever is available
  8. Slices of cured ham
  9. Optional: Crisps and hot milky tea

I don’t really have to tell you how to make it, just combine the ingredients and enjoy. That’s my favourite sandwich. What’s yours?

Best sandwich ingredients
Finished sandwich

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