My 10 best WordPress plug-ins, 2011

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This website uses the WordPress platform. The best thing about having a self hosted WordPress site is the thousands of free plug-ins that are available to use. Plug-ins are software modules that add to the functionality of an application. But there are so many WP plug-ins available it is difficult to know which ones to download and install. The following are my top ten cool WordPress plug-ins:

  1. Add To Any: Share/ bookmark/ email buttons. This WordPress plug-in allows any readers to share your posts or articles with any of their friends across a huge number of social media venues.
  1. Akismet. This WP plug-in protects your blog from SPAM comments. It is easy to use and has stopped literally thousands of SPAM comments from interfering with my site in the first year.
  1. All in one SEO pack. This plug-in is an easy to use search engine optimisation programme, it requires very little time input from the user.
  1. Blibahblubah. Don’t ask me to say this one, but this plug-in puts a tag cloud on your sidebar to allow readers to easily search and click on the most used tags to bring up the related article.
  1. Efficient related posts. I am a big fan of this WP plug-in. It provides a list of related posts at the bottom of every blog post. It helps reader’s navigate your blog according to what they are interested in and I think keeps readers on the site for longer.
  1. Google XML site-maps. This plug-in generates a special XML sitemap which helps search engines to index your blog better and boosts your SEO.
  1. Simple WordPress backup. It’s always important to backup and this keeps it simple and quick.
  1. Statsurfer. This plug-in is an excellent visitor traffic statistical tool and has many options, some of which I haven’t used yet. For example it allows your visitor statistics to be displayed on your website for your readers to see.
  1. W3 Total cache. This WP plug-in dramatically improves the speed of your site. I understand it is one of the highest rated WordPress plug-ins worldwide.
  1. WP simple contact form. This provides a simple unfussy contact form with additional SPAM protection built in.
Any other suggestions from WordPress fans?

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