Road verses rail. Part 2, the case for rail.

By The Helpful Engineer / On / In Infrastructure

In the last post, see here, we looked at the benefits of roads over rail. This leads us to another question, what are the advantages of railways?

The case for travelling by rail.

1. Trains are out of view. With the low density of the rail network, referred to above. It is unusually for most people to actually see or experience a train on a daily basis. In addition to this they run on lines separated from road traffic for safety reasons. It is therefore easier to have romantic notions about trains when compared to the loud and ever present road traffic. For example loud, slow trucks are usually blocking our way when driving or loudly belching out fumes when we are out walking.  But unless you are living within a few hundred meters of a railway track, they are out of slight and mind. Perhaps this is a case of absence makes the heart grow stronger?

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