Turn off your fog lights when there is no fog!

By The Helpful Engineer / On / In Technical & Discussion

Car with fog lights on in wet weatherNow that the evenings are dark in this part of the world, it is very noticeable that many cars have their fog lights on at all times. I have even seen people driving at night with their fog lights on, but their main lights off. On a few occasions I have had the courage to ask people why they had their fog lights on. Some said they didn’t realize they were on, but others said that they weren’t fog lights, that they were turned on to make the car look good! But whatever the reason people leave them on; it is selfish and ignorant behaviour. So the following are some reasons you should leave them off, unless of course there is poor visibility:

1. You are dazzling other road users. Leaving your fog lights on increases the glare for other drivers and reduces their visibility. Fog lights are purposely located close to the ground and therefore their light is reflected off the surface of the road increasing light glare and dazzling other drivers. This is especially true when the road is wet and the surface is like a mirror. Older drivers are easier to dazzle and frankly it’s not a good idea to dazzle people who are driving towards you at speed.

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