Eurovision 2012 prediction

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Eurovision 2012
Eurovision 2012

Update. Result: Well done Sweden, a great song.

Original article. Regular readers will know that The Helpful Engineer is a big fan of the Eurovision. So who will win it this year? Having listened to the songs I think any of the following have a good chance:

Russia, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Italy.

My heart would like to see the Irish entry win, Jedward. But my head goes with the pensioners from Russia. These unique performers stand out from the crowd, but more importantly Russia has lots of neighbouring countries who usually give the Russian entry high marks every year regardless of its quality. Another factor to consider is the song order on final night. Songs positioned towards the end usually do better as viewers can recall these better before voting. Unluckily for the UK they know already that they will be the first song on the final night. However Ireland has been drawn in position 23, (3rd last), which is a boost to their chances while Russia is one of the first out.

So my Eurovision 2012 prediction is: Russia to win, Ireland in second. What do you think?

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