Preparing for Winter

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Warm fire pictureIts that time of the year again, the days are getting shorter and its time to stock up on fuel for the cold months ahead. There plenty of energy saving tips in this website. I have listed the links to the most popular of these below, to save you searching for them:

My first batch of seasoned firewood was delivered last weekend and joins the rest in my timber store, ready for when the cold weather starts. See photographs below also:

1. Whats the cheapest way to heat your water?

2. Conserving heat: Are your wall vent ducted?

3. The right tools to cut firewood

4. How do heat recovery systems work?

5. Servicing an Oil Boiler

6. Obtaining dry firewood should be a burning desire

7. The cost of oil central heating per hour

8. Help your fire last longer. Light it upside down

9. 10 ways to reduce your energy bills

10. The advantages of stoves

11. External boiler houses. A waste of heat

12. Freezing water pipes in buildings


Unloading firewood
‘LOOKIN’ WOOD’, Unloading firewood
Stacked fire wood in my wood store
Stacked fire wood in my wood (& kids bike) store



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