Winter Tips: A solution for slippy decking

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Slippy decking
Slippy decking

In a previous post we discussed slippy decking, see link hereĀ . But the emphasis in that article was on building decking which prevented slips in the first place. However what happens when you have already installed decking and you need to make it less slippy, without removing it?

I had this problem. I installed my decking years ago. But in recent years I found it was prone to becoming slippy in the winter months, especially when it is covered in frost or snow.

My temporary solution for the winter months was to tack chicken wire panels onto the decking to create a walkway. It doesn’t look great but it is safe, solves the problem and the wire panels can easily be removed in the spring.

Interesting the board-walk in Dublin City Centre has gotten around this problem by having the grooves cut in two directions to provide grip in all directions. See picture below. Unfortunately I haven’t seen this type of board available to the general public.

Apart from decking, people use timber in their gardens for steps. This is usually made from large timber pieces like old railway sleepers. Unfortunately these can become very slippy when wet. So perhaps putting chicken wire over these would be a useful idea also? see picture below.

Slippy decking - before
Slippy decking – before
Slippy decking - after
Slippy decking – after
Dublin boardwalk . Non-slip decking
Dublin boardwalk . Non-slip decking
Slippy timber steps
Slippy when wet. Perhaps another use of the anti-slip chicken wire solution?

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  1. Hi, I have this problem with garden sleepers, someone on another forum has suggester painting PVA with sand in onto the sleepers, what do you think?

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