10 signs that you are mad about AutoCAD

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AutoCAD logoAutoCAD, an engineering drafting software programme, will be with us for a while yet. But its dominance is diminishing. It is slowly going the way of the drawing boards it replaced. This is especially the case for larger projects. Newer 3-d drafting and design packages like Revit are proving their usefulness to engineers, architects and clients alike.

But what are 10 signs that you are mad about AutoCAD?

1. Your computers escape key is worn out, or missing, from overuse.

2. You use AutoCAD to work out angles and geometry instead of equations. It is easier.

3. You think living life on the edge, is hatching without enclosing the area first in a polyline perimeter.

4. You try to delete something in other programmes by pressing E and Enter.

5. You try to press the spacebar in other programmes instead of the enter key.

6. You understand what a block within a block means. In fact the ‘dream within a dream’ concept in the film Inception must have been thought of by a CAD user.

7. You get judge other people using AutoCAD. E.G.  Why don’t they lock their view-ports? Why don’t they use the short-cuts for that?

8. You reminisce about the olden days; when drafts people could make a cup of tea while AutoCAD was opening a drawing and when pressing the F1 key in AutoCAD crashed your computer.

9. You think people who still use AutoCAD in classic mode are dinosaurs.

10.  You understand that there are times when its okay to write notes in capitals.

 Any others?

From http://blog.miragestudio7.com/
Taken from http://blog.miragestudio7.com/


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