Irish Rail: Exposed hydraulic lines

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Just wondering if anyone knows what the exposed hydraulic lines at the front of this type of Irish Rail commuter trains are for, see below.

Irish Rail commuter train without front guards

I am interested as they should be protected by front guards but are missing in this case. Without the guards the lines and the on/off handle seem to be exposed and ready to be damaged by debris catching on them while the train is traveling. Should we be worried? In any case the picture below shows the front with the protection guard in place.

Irish Rail commuter train with front guards
Irish Rail commuter train with front guards

One thought on “Irish Rail: Exposed hydraulic lines

  1. They are not hydraulic but air hoses. They are not used in normal operation of the train. The are used to supply air to the train if it has to be hauled dead by another train, (2-3 times in the life of the vehicle) There is another set on the corresponding end.

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