Proposed Grand Canal Greenway in Sallins, County Kildare

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Grand Canal Greenwy SallinsKildare County Council propose to construct a greenway along the Grand Canal towpath which bisects my town of Sallins. This will link with the already constructed Greenway along the Canal in County Dublin. Eventually there will be a greenway along the full length of the Grand Canal between Dublin and the River Shannon. When complete it will have a continuous length of 132 kilometers (82 miles). This greenway is close to my heart as besides living beside the Grand Canal, I cycled the full length of the Grand Canal in the summer of 2018, on a mountain bike. At present it is a difficult to cycle along much of the tow path with currently only a small minority being a smooth surface. It is however a beautiful experience and the proposed greenway will make it accessible to many more people. There is a lovely account of walking the full length of the Grand Canal by an American tourist click here.

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Plans for the proposed greenway are available to view click here, along with a link for submissions and observations.  I have made my own observations on the proposal to the Council and I urge you to do the same. The closing date for observations is Wednesday the 16th January 2019. See below for my observations/ comments submitted:


Observations on Drawing No. 400/18/225 (Road Crossing Detail 6 – Sallins Bridge) – See drawing below

Observation Note 1.

In the Sallins town drawing, the proposed greenway is called up as an existing cycleway and marked with a blue dashed line. This is incorrect as the route is not an existing cycleway (yet).

Observation Note 2.

The 300-metre diversion away from the canal bank will be ignored by most walkers and probably bike users as well. The desire line is along the canal bank. The diversion also provides more road crossings and exposure to road traffic and therefore introduces more risk/ hazards for greenway users. I recommend that the Greenway route follows the canal through Sallins.

Observations Sheet 1 - Grand Canal Greenway - Kildare County Council


Observations on Drawing No. 400/18/218 (Proposed layout plan)- See drawing below

Observation note 3.

The path section shown here is potholed gravel at present. The upgraded surface (orange colour on drawing) needs to be extended to the area noted.

Observation note 4.

There is an existing walking route which goes to Naas (shown in green on my attached file), this is planned to be converted to a future greenway also . I suggest a bridge (red lines on my attached file) to link the proposed greenway to this existing walking route.

Observations Sheet 2 - Grand Canal green way - County Kildare


Observation note 5.- See drawing below

The proposed Sallins bypass road, whose construction is well advanced on site at present, is not shown on the proposed greenway drawings. This should be added to show how the new bypass cycle paths link in with the greenway cycle-path. Junctions, signposts etc need to be considered. See attached extract of Sallins Bypass plans from Kildare County Council Website.


Observations Sheet 3 - New cycle-paths being constructed with Sallins bypass

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  1. Hi my name bill clear and am a local councillor in sallins. I was on the tow path today and cycled from sallins to hazlehatch. The surface was mixed however its 6km of hard grass at moment. It was fine but tiring on way back.
    We might have met before I’m not sure.
    Your insight would be a great help if you want to talk.

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