Irish Rain: Keeping Ireland dry

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Irish weatherIt is often said about Ireland’s wet and mild climate that ‘it would be a great Country if you put a roof over it’. People saying this often forget that it is the wet weather that makes the countryside look so alluring in the first place.

Ireland’s rainfall is spread relatively evenly throughout the year, with seasonal rainfall amounts being similar in most parts. Surprising the wettest month of the year in Dublin, which is the driest region of the Country, is August, while February is the driest. I think the reason that this seems strange is because a dark cold month like February feels damper, with any rain lying on the ground taking a long time to dry.

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Priory Hall. End self certification

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Margaret Thatcher introduced neoliberal economics to Britain and reduced state intervention and regulations, especially with regard to finance. Many of the changes removed safeguards which may have prevented the recent banking crisis. However the British building control system reminded intact. In Britain the local Authority will visit all construction sites and check that building regulations are being complied with and review design calculations.

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10 features of future buildings

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Predictions of the future are usually completely wrong, apart from it seems when shown on Star Trek. But it may be easier to predict what our future green buildings will look like if energy prices continue to rise. As energy becomes more expensive, future buildings will incorporate features which will allow them to be as energy efficient as possible. As these features maximise solar light and heat gain while minimising heat loss, we can predict what future buildings will look like and the features they will include, for example:

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The problem with cedar cladding

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Cedar is a durable softwood timber usually sourced in North America. Its colour is brownish red and because of its durable properties it has been used in recent years as a cladding for buildings. In my opinion it has been used excessively and usually has not been protected against the elements. It therefore usually looks terrible after wet weather. It is Read more “The problem with cedar cladding”

Building a new house: Obtaining planning permission

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Our first request for a topic to be covered is from a reader in County Kildare who is considering building a new house and would like some advice on the planning process. There is plenty of information available on the planning process on-line and the first thing I would recommend you to do would be to read the following planning advice documents available online at: Read more “Building a new house: Obtaining planning permission”