Dublin moments. Glimpses of a unique place

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Its great to work in Dublin City Centre. It may not have the splendour of Paris, nor the scale of London, or even the simple street grid system of New York. But it is a great, unique and chaotic city. It is hard to define, but a great place to experience. I have tried to give a taste of Dublin’s everyday essence below. You wont find these pictures in the tourist brochures!

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kindling for timber fire
Kindling for timber fire

Lighting a fire is a skill. Some people have it and some don’t. A relation of mine for instance can light a coal fire with rolled up newspapers. On the other hand, other people I know, find it difficult to light kindling. But its an easy skill to acquire, especially with the right materials at hand and a bit of trial and error. However, if you have no kindling it can be impossible for anyone.

Types of kindling. Softwood is usually best for kindling as it lights easily, burns quickly and is relatively straightforward to split into small pieces. But interestingly matches are made of hardwood as this burns more slowly.

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Comparing building sizes with Mapfrappe

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Google Earth is an amazing programme, especially its measurement tools. I have compared measuring buildings on Google Earth with an on the ground measurement and the difference is usually less than one metre. In fact using Google Earth can be as good as pacing the building out by foot and a whole lot quicker. It has a number of drawbacks of course, but it is ideal for a quick check of the foot print of a building.

There is a website that uses Google Earth to allow you to easily compare the relative sizes of building footprints and much more. It is called Mapfrappe, click here for link.

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The Helpful Engineer eBook out now

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The Helpful Engineer e-book cover
The Helpful Engineer e-book cover

The Helpful Engineer e-book is now available to buy at a very competitive price. You can click the links below to purchase it. It contains a large selection of articles from the website.

So if you are looking for a last minute socking filler for Christmas or a treat for yourself, feel free to buy it and let me know what you think, or even better review the book on the Amazon website. If you purchase the book it will be downloaded for free immediately to any Kindle reader, laptop, android phone, iPad, iPhone, PC or tablet.

For American and Irish readers click Amazon.com, price $3.51. For British readers click Amazon.co.uk.

You can also buy it on the other Amazon language sites, click any of the following languages to be directed to the relevant Amazon site:  French, German, Italian or Spanish.              

It is priced at €2.99 or $3.51. Happy Christmas.