Oil Rigs can be as high as the Tallest Buildings in the World

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The Worlds tallest building

In the last decade an enormous amount of high rise buildings have been constructed around the world. Among the worlds top ten tallest buildings, only two are older than ten years. The majority of the new tall buildings have been constructed in Asia. In fact the USA now only has one representative in the top ten tallest buildings, while Europe has had none for a long time. Amazingly six of the ten tallest buildings are in China. Compare this to the situation twenty years ago when the majority of the tall buildings were American. With this boom in building, the title of the tallest building in the world has changed practically on a yearly basis. I think this has reduced the excitement among the public about what an achievement it is to build this high.

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8 funny builder’s mistakes

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For a change, I have collected eight building mistakes that are found on the web. There must be a good reason for how these happened but I just can’t think of it. I have photographed my own collection of construction errors from around the country, but thats for another day, and they aren’t half as funny as these. Enjoy, and relax in the knowledge that these are someone else’s problem.

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The 29th Irish Concrete Society Awards

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The Aviva Stadium, Dublin

I had the pleasure of attending the annual Irish Concrete Society Awards last Saturday night, in the Conrad Hotel, Dublin. It was a very enjoyable night spent catching up with friends and meeting new people.

The overall award and best building award for 2010 went to the new Aviva Stadium, Dublin. This project beat off stiff competition from 23 other projects for the Overall award. Among these were the new Criminal Courts of Justice, The Grand Canal Theater, The Harry Blaney Bridge and many others. The main award results are below:

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Concrete Ships

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Concrete ships sound like an April fools joke, but in fact there were many examples built in the last hundred and fifty years. Most were built during times of war when steel and timber supplies were scarce. The disadvantages of concrete boats are many; they are heavier, more costly to construct and as the walls are thicker their carrying capacity is much less. The advantages are that much less steel is required. The fact that they are heavy, robust and difficult to dispose of means that although they are no longer sailing the seas, a lot of the ships built still survive as breakwaters.

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